A quarterback buyer’s market? Why this NFL offseason is rare

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This year, for the first time in recent memory, the NFL’s quarterback supply seems to be outpacing demand. An informal survey of agents and team executives around the league found the list of teams looking for a starting quarterback to be a surprisingly short one, replete with caveats. It includes the Miami Dolphins, assuming they’re moving on from Ryan Tannehill. It includes the Jacksonville Jaguars, assuming they’re moving on from Blake Bortles. It includes Washington, assuming Alex Smith’s injury is going to keep him out for most or all of the 2019 season. It might possibly include the New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals, if those teams decide they want to move on from their current starters, though no one’s entirely sure that will be the case in any of those spots. It included Denver until Wednesday.8

If you were Flacco or Philadelphia Eagles backup Foles or New Orleans Saints backup Teddy Bridgewater or Tannehill or Bortles or any quarterback looking for a place to offer you a chance to start, this year’s market might put you into a game of musical chairs and at serious risk of being left without one.cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale

We are up to three-quarters of the league with quarterback situations that are basically set. Add Denver following the news of the Flacco trade, and the teams left over are Miami, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Washington, the Giants and Tampa Bay, and even that list isn’t the most inviting for potential job candidates. Andy Dalton has two years left on his Bengals contract at reasonable money, and word is the new coach likes him. The Titans and Bucs aren’t ready to give up on Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston in spite of the former’s health issues and the latter’s off-field issues. Washington could be financially hamstrung by its commitment to Smith, even if he isn’t able to play. The Giants might not be finished with Eli Manning yet, even if they look to this year’s draft for his eventual replacement.