After ‘DWTS,’ Josh Norman says OTA work ‘is like picking daisies’

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The more Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman danced, the more his perspective on football changed. He no longer views training camp the same way after performing on “Dancing with the Stars,” which required some long days and a coast-to-coast commute.

It was a different offseason and an eye-opening one for Norman, who finished second in the nfl jerseys for cheap

“Nothing I can say is harder than what I did,” Norman said. “You look at training camp as that; I don’t feel that is going to be harder than what I just went through.”

And going through football drills in an OTA setting “is a cakewalk. This is like picking daisies.”306

The preparation for “Dancing with the Stars” involved 12-hour workdays. Once a week he’d fly in from Virginia, then go work out for six hours before getting back to his room around 10:30 p.m. — only to be dressed and ready to work by 7:30 the next morning.

“At last once a week I was up 23, 24 hours. You think training camp gets you like that?” Norman said. “That’s what it takes to go out there and perform like you do,” Norman said. “You see us on TV learning those steps and placements. That was the hardest thing, man. Learning two dances on my second week was like, ugh, are you for real? I never counted on anything like that. That’s not what we do.”

Norman said he did not expect the show to be that difficult. But the added factor for him was that he was still training in Virginia with his teammates. He danced on TV Monday night and was at the first OTA practice nike nfl jerseys cheap

“I knew it was going to take hard work, but I didn’t know it was going to take me to a different type of level in mindset just to have to overcome it, that’s for sure,” Norman said. “I didn’t see I was going to be on the East Coast and West Coast at the same time at least twice a week. But I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I actually went through with it because it taught me a lot about myself. I grew tremendously. I wouldn’t have wanted anything else from it than that.”