AL shortstops stack up among best position groups of all time

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Joe Sheehan later added that he assumed Didi Gregorius will get voted in as the starter. I don’t necessarily agree with that; Yankees fans actually don’t have a recent history of “stuffing” the ballot box, certainly not with the zealousness of, say, Royals fans. Of course, until Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez emerged last year, it’s not like they had many All-Star-worthy players in recent seasons. Even then, Salvador Perez, not Sanchez, was voted in as the starting catcher for the American League in 2017.

Anyway, the point: There are five really good shortstops in the AL — well,nfl authentic jerseys cheap six if you count Xander Bogaerts, who would be up there except he missed some time with injury — and they’re not all going to make the All-Star team, especially given that roster sizes were cut back last season from 34 to 32 players (not including all the replacements who eventually make it).

Back in 2002, the heyday of the Alex Rodriguez-Derek Jeter-Nomar Garciaparra era, the AL did squeeze five shortstops on the roster, with A-Rod starting and Jeter, Garciaparra, Miguel Tejada and Omar Vizquel all making it as reserves. That was accomplished by not selecting a backup second baseman, however, and there were only 10 pitchers on the staff; that was the game that infamously ended in a 7-7 tie. Current rules require a backup second baseman and 12 pitchers.221

Gregorius has slipped after a recent slump, but he was among the league leaders into early May. None of these guys is a big surprise, although Simmons has raised his offensive game to a new level, hitting .342/.408/.493. In this era of strikeouts, Simmons is a refreshing throwback: Through 41 games, he has just nine strikeouts. That’s a weekend for Joey Gallo.

But Simmons was extremely valuable last season as well, ranking sixth in B-R WAR at 7.1 and 18th in FanGraphs at 5.1. (That big difference in value stems mostly from how his defense was evaluated.) Correa and Lindor both were top-20 players last season,nfl jersey wholesale¬† and Machado has been there in the past as a third baseman. Gregorius hit 25 home runs last season and has tapped into even more power early on this year by chasing fewer pitches (he’s already nearly matched his walk total from 2017).