avier Hernandez’s World Cup success underlines Man United instability after Sir Alex Ferguson

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There are mixed feelings among Manchester United fans as they’ve watched their former players excel for their countries in Russia.

Mexico’s Javier Hernandez and Colombia’s Radamel Falcao, two former United strikers, both scored at the weekend. While it’s not quite like seeing an ex with a good-looking new partner, there’s definitely a feeling of “What if?”

Both are the all-time leading goal scorers for their football-mad countries and both were at Old Trafford during their prime years — if not prime fitness in the case of Falcao, who started 14 of 38 league games in 2014-15. We never saw the great striker with so much variety to his goals when he was at Old Trafford.nike nfl jerseys cheap paypal

Hernandez would still likely be at Old Trafford if Sir Alex Ferguson had stayed. Along with Rafael, Danny Welbeck, Jonny Evans, Nani and many more, they were sold in the talent purge under Louis van Gaal.

Nobody protested when they were let go. Their form had dipped with their confidence, they were even called “dead wood” by some. Yet none of them became bad players, because they’re not. They just suffered, as the club itself suffered, through changes in manager, shifts in policy and philosophies. They’d been bred to be boxers but were being asked to perform like wrestlers or mixed martial arts fighters by different managers.64

United lost more than those players’ talents, they also lost winners who’d been sewn into the DNA of a successful football club. They lost good players who became great club players because their manager knew how to make them effective, knew how to get the best from them, to protect them and take them out of the firing line when needed.

Cristiano Ronaldo is another thriving in Russia, though his circumstances were wholly different. Yet he stayed for as long as he did in Manchester because of his affection for and loyalty to Ferguson. That’s what the great man built.

But what of Hernandez, et al? I doubt he’d be the main starting striker at United now, but Ferguson knew when to use him and how to treat him. Hernandez in turn adored Sir Alex because he was the man who’d brought him to the club and given him a chance on the biggest stage.

Ferguson accepted that even if “Chicharito” had his wobbles and offers to leave, he wasn’t the only player to have ups and downs, and Ferguson always knew how to play them magnificently. In one case, he reluctantly accepted the request of one player to leave before going back to him and saying: “I’m sorry, I’ve been searching for a replacement for a month, but there are none. You’re the best player in the world in your position. I’m not going to let you go now, but I will give you a better contract.”