Can the Falcons afford to keep up with the Joneses into the future?

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Former NFL wide receiver Roy Green talks primarily football with Julio Jones, but Green has mentored Jones long enough to understand Jones’ mindset on business matters.

When it comes to Jones’ contract situation and the possibility of becoming the NFL’s highest-paid receiver with the Atlanta Falcons, Green has a good sense of what Jones is thinking.

“I do know that his priority is for all of his players to get taken care of,” Green said. “He doesn’t want to break up the team because you have to pay him a certain amount of money. There are ways for him to get his money. His biggest talks are all about his teammates. His attitude is amazing. He’s all about his teammates.”7

Cleveland’s Odell Beckham Jr. currently has the highest average annual salary among wide receivers at $18 million. Maybe Jones will reach or exceed that in a reworked deal, but his contract is just one of the subjects the Falcons have to address as they look toward the 2019 season and nike nfl jerseys wholesale

The front office hasn’t been overly active in free agency, with the most significant signings being offensive guards James Carpenter (four years, $21 million with $9.25 million guaranteed) and Jamon Brown (three years, $18.75 million with $12.75 million guaranteed). After placing the franchise tag on defensive tackle Grady Jarrett, the Falcons have until July 15 to sign him to an extension. If they don’t, Jarrett will eat up $15.209 million in 2019 cap space.

The Falcons did, however, convert $8.75 million of quarterback Matt Ryan’s 2019 base salary to a signing bonus to create $7 million in cap room, which occurred before the signings of Brown ($4.333 million ’19 cap number) and Carpenter ($2.875 million ’19 cap number). But tinkering with Ryan’s contract puts money off into future years, so that could create a pinch later on.

The Falcons currently have $6,534,049 in cap room according to NFLPA figures, which ranks in the bottom five in the league. That’s why they are at the point of signing guys such as veteran tight end Logan Paulsen to minimum salary benefits deals ($930,000 minimum base salary with a maximum of $90,000 additional compensation).