DE Jordan faces 10-game ban for using Adderall

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Free-agent defensive end Dion Jordan told that he is facing a 10-game suspension from the NFL for taking Adderall, a violation of the league’s policy against performance-enhancing drugs.

Jordan, who has been suspended three times in the past, including for an entire season, told that he had a therapeutic use exemption to use the drug in the past, but it had expired. His past suspensions were for violations of the substance abuse (twice) and PED nfl jerseys for cheap

He said Tuesday an arbiter had denied his appeal of the 10-game suspension. Jordan was not disputing the results of his drug tests but was appealing the harshness of the penalty.8

“I made a mistake,” Jordan told in a telephone interview. “I feel like the person that I am, I’m ready to move forward, I’ve been ready to move forward, with this specific issue. I’ve been working really hard with myself outside of football, and I can see the progress as a young man, as Dion Jordan, I can see nfl jerseys cheap paypal

“My whole lifestyle — it’s been a 180-degree change. I f—ed up, man. I can’t fix this s—. It is what it is. But I know what I can’t do and what not to do compared to the mistakes I’ve made in the past.”

He told that he was aware his therapeutic use exemption had expired when he took Adderall in December and January, hoping it would help him “dial in” while he was dealing with the death of his grandmother, and when his sister, with whom is he is very close and thinks of more like a daughter, had serious personal issues.

Jordan’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, told that 8-to-10 teams have expressed interest in signing Jordan. All the teams are aware of his suspension.

Jordan, 29, the third overall pick in 2013, became one of the bigger draft disappointments in recent years when his career never got on track with the Miami Dolphins. He started only one of 26 games during his first two seasons while recording three sacks.