Dolphins to draft a QB now or in 2020? Chris Grier has a plan

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Chris Grier holds the big chair now as the Miami Dolphins’ chief decision-maker, yet he often leans on the teachings of mentors such as Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells. That’s why he couldn’t help but laugh when asked how he will bridge Parcells’ old-school quarterback draft rules with a new era full of QB transfers and one-year starters.

Will Grier, the Dolphins’ general manager, cross a quarterback off the board if he wasn’t a three-year starter, never won 23 games or never posted a 2-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio — much like Parcells often did? Grier says he will take elements from his mentor’s rules, but follow his own philosophy.

“The big thing right now is the intelligence and the leadership stuff. I think that’s really important because obviously all of these guys can throw,” Grier said. “People want to say guys have big arms and whatever, but the guys that ‘don’t have great arms’ become good players in this league. What separates them is the mental makeup.”7

Grier, 48, has been in command, comfortable and more like himself than he has in years, multiple people close to him said at the NFL scouting combine. That could be a product of Miami clearing out the kitchen for him to become lead chef this offseason, or it could be the Dolphins finally having a plan that coincides with how Grier was taught to build a team.

“The way I grew up there in New England, I’ve never been [wanting to] spend money — huge money — on a guy to come in, because to me, I’d rather have three really good players than one maybe great player who may or may not impact what you’re doing,” Grier said. “You build up your offensive line and defensive line. You start there and then you work.”

It’s tough to differentiate between smoke screens and firm plans during the NFL offseason. If Grier is being forthright, it is difficult to imagine the Dolphins mortgaging a significant number of picks (over multiple years) to trade up from the 13th overall pick to land their quarterback in this draft. With talk heating up about Murray going to Arizona with the No. 1 pick, Miami might not have a chance to nab its choice of QB — even in a trade-up this year.

What does seem clear is Ryan Tannehill won’t be the Dolphins’ starting QB in 2019. Miami was examining the trade market for Tannehill with teams at the combine, sources told ESPN. With little progress to this point, a release seems to be the most likely nike nfl jerseys wholesale

Grier said he had “a really good talk” with coach Brian Flores, offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea and assistant head coach/QBs coach Jim Caldwell during the final weekend of February, trying to figure out what to do with the quarterback position. If Tannehill isn’t the choice and the Dolphins can’t find their franchise QB through the 2019 draft, then all eyes will turn toward the 2020 draft, which could feature Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, Oregon’s Justin Herbert and Georgia’s Jake Fromm.