How Brian Hoyer helped the Patriots prepare for Patrick Mahomes

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Following the final practice of the week for the Patriots, cornerback Stephon Gilmore tipped his helmet in the direction of backup quarterback Brian Hoyer. Gilmore was impressed with how Hoyer played the role of dynamic Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to give the defense a realistic look at what New England will face in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

“He always does a great job and makes it hard on us,” Gilmore said of Hoyer. “He’s been a starter in this league, so he can make all the throws.”nike jerseys nfl cheap

It is one of the most significant contributions the 33-year-old Hoyer has made to the Patriots this season, and it’s a role he calls fun. Because he doesn’t play much in games, if at all, that’s his time to let it rip.8

Hoyer relayed that he’s familiar with most quarterbacks around the NFL from watching highlights, but he’ll also be coached up by the staff on some things to do.

One of the messages to him this past week, in the role of Mahomes, was to “run around.” The week before, playing the role of Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, it was to “stand there” in the official nike nfl jerseys

The contrast could hardly be more extreme, as one of the Patriots’ primary concerns is Mahomes’ ability to extend plays. So when Mahomes scrambles, defensive backs will rely on playing a “plaster” technique in which they mirror defenders in a way Gilmore described as playing defense in a one-on-one basketball game.

Thus, Hoyer got his legs moving quite a bit in practice last week, while throwing from different arm slots, although he said never threw a left-handed pass or a no-look pass that Mahomes has shown a willingness to attempt.