How many wins does Todd Bowles need to keep his job with Jets?

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The months-long fascination with Sam Darnold has provided cover for New York Jets coach Todd Bowles, who has lost 22 of his past 32 games. Ordinarily, a coach with that kind of record feels his tush getting warmer, but there isn’t much chatter outside the organization about his job security. Or inside it, for that matter.

Part of that is the Darnold phenomenon. That Bowles received a two-year contract extension at the end of last season also is a factor, along with CEO Christopher Johnson saying there’s no playoff mandate for Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan. From all indications, Bowles has the full support of his bosses. china nike

He’s certainly not operating like a coach worried about his job. Would he start a rookie quarterback if he were panicked about his victory total?8

Bowles knows he could be sacrificing a couple of wins by opting for Darnold over the experienced Josh McCown, but he recognizes there’s a long-term plan, and Darnold’s development is a big part of it.

That is how Bowles should be evaluated this season, which begins Monday night at Detroit against the Lions. The record is important, of course, but his ability to turn Darnold into an effective quarterback by 2019 is what matters most. Let’s not lose sight of the big picture; this remains a rebuilding situation.

The question is, will ownership keep up its end of the bargain? Recent NFL history suggests that billionaire bosses aren’t patient with their head coaches when high-profile rookie quarterbacks are involved. They get a brand new, shiny toy in the draft and they expect all sunny days with no rain. That isn’t realistic, of course, but owners succumb to the IGS — immediate gratification syndrome.