How players like Nikola Jokic can take it to another level this season

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Now? I have children who are old enough to play fantasy hoops on their own. My hair is cropped to a corporately acceptable Morrisseyesque length. I noodle away on the freaking ukulele. And if you squint just right, you can almost forget Jordan 2.0 ever nike nfl jerseys wholesale

I am rational … and kind of hate it. But I still encounter that same buzz during the opening week of the NBA season.

You know what I’m talking about. The sophomoric, embarrassing palpitation of opening night, when the stats start pouring in. The trip to the nearest dive sports bar to watch the returns like it’s election night. The instant validation of having drafted Caris LeVert. The crushing existential drift of having missed out on Jayson Tatum.5

Then the older, rational me, checks in. I remind myself that the NBA campaign is only 1/82nd old. After all, this is fantasy hoops: the fake sport of queens and kings. If I wanted to place way too much emphasis on the small sample size of a single game, I could have stuck to fantasy football. nike

I try to slow that impulse to trade half my team away. And I calmly begin to go through my little checklist of early-season trends that actually matter.

How are rotations shaking out? Which new coaches are upping the pace of their new teams? Which players have bounced back from an injury?

One of my standbys: Which young players are beginning to mine previously untapped areas of statistical upside? I love to map out when a second- or third-year player unlocks a new pool of production.