Liverpool’s Emre Can hopes to join ‘very big club’ this summer

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Liverpool midfielder Emre Can has said he is looking to play for a “very big club” next season, after his contract expires this summer.

Can will be a free agent in June but has yet to decide on his destination,nfl despite Juventus confirming they have made an offer to his agent.

While on international duty with Germany this week, Can told Suddeutsche Zeitung that no matter in which country he ends up, he will be focused only on the largest of clubs.

“I have the self-confidence to say that my qualities are sufficient to play in a very big club next season,” he told the newspaper.

Can would not rule out any of Europe’s top five leagues as a potential destination, adding: “I’m doing great in England. The Spanish league is also attractive. The same applies to Germany, where tactics are concerned, and the Italian club football, which has recently caught up.

“Incidentally, the same applies to France, this league has now established itself as one of the best in Europe. Therefore, I do not want to exclude anything because I do not know what I will do from the summer.”

A return to Liverpool also remains an option, with the 24-year saying the club “still feels like a family,” while he also spoke about how impressed he was with the amount of Reds supporters during preseason tours to the United States.

But with the Premier League paying more than double in player wages than the next closest league,nfl jerseys from china Can suggested his decision would likely come down to money.

“Sure, the Bundesliga would interest me, why not? Although I must say honestly that the level has waned in recent years,” he said. “The Premier League has the power to spend more money on players than the Bundesliga. This is very, very important for players.”