Patriots see Rodgers, Vick and a QB who ‘does it all’ in Mahomes

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The topic in the New England Patriots’ locker room was Patrick Mahomes, and the comparisons ranged from Aaron Rodgers to Michael Vick, but the conclusion was more focused: There is nobody quite like the Kansas City Chiefs official nike nfl jerseys

There is maybe a little bit of Rodgers with the way he moves and fires lasers on the run. Perhaps a tinge of Vick with that lightning quick flick of the wrist that sends the football 70 yards or so downfield. Possibly a snippet of Brett Favre with that reckless abandon that’s sometimes on display as Mahomes is carving up defenses or tossing passes with his opposite hand.

More than anything, Mahomes is something most of the New England Patriots have never quite seen before, aside from Week 6 when they beat him 43-40 at Gillette Stadium. Mahomes was 23-of-36 for 352 yards, 4 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and a 110 passer rating in that game.7

There was the pass Mahomes zipped submarine-style around a pass rusher and offensive lineman to tight end Travis Kelce last week. That one opened some eyes. There was the left-handed pass he completed for a first down to wide receiver Tyreek Hill in Week 4 against the Broncos. There are the handful of darts he has thrown 40 yards downfield across his body this season and the unique arm angles that he seems to invent on a weekly basis.

No wonder Mahomes threw for over 5,000 yards with 50 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions this season.

“He does it all,” Patriots defensive end Adrian Clayborn said. “If the rush doesn’t get to him, he’ll step up and hit Kelce up the middle. If you make him scramble, he’ll go outside the pocket, do two backflips or whatever. … He probably could. He throws left-handed. He can do it all.”nike jerseys nfl cheap

This is Mahomes’ tape as a first-year starter. The Patriots can only imagine how much better it can get. It is why Mahomes has a chance ultimately to take the throne from Tom Brady, who’s chasing his sixth Super Bowl title, as the face of the league and potentially its best player.