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Mitchell was my preseason choice for ROY and, in my view, is the rookie with the most star potential because of his mentality and rate of improvement over the past 3-4 years.

As I outlined in January, areas that were clear weaknesses for Mitchell in college and high school — shot-making, finishing in traffic (especially off of one foot), and thinking the game in pick-and-roll — are trending toward strengths for the Jazz star.nfl nike jerseys cheap china

From his starting point as a high school power dunker who really struggled to make shots, Mitchell has made almost unprecedented progress, which suggests that he’ll continue making strides across the board. As the game slows down for him, Mitchell should be able to operate more as a facilitator, making every necessary ball-screen read.

I’ve seen enough glimpses to anticipate Mitchell evolving into an eventual lead guard who can blend both scoring and playmaking, rather than the 6-foot-3 scoring off guard most saw him as coming out of Louisville. Mitchell’s physical profile is elite for a lead guard at his size and 6-foot-11 wingspan. The only other point guard in our database with a wingspan of 6-foot-11 or greater is Shaun Livingston. So you have a 20-point-per-game scorer who also has the tools to defend close to three positions; Mitchell was better than the league average defending drives, pick-and-rolls, post-ups and handoffs, according to Second Spectrum data.92

On top of all that, Mitchell has a star mentality, rarely shying away from the big moment and embracing the challenge of being a No. 1 option.

Simmons is a unique talent as a 6-foot-10 point guard with an elite feel for the game, and he certainly exceeded my expectations this season. But to me all of the questions we had about him coming out of LSU have been magnified against the Celtics. Not every team has Brad Stevens’ brain or an Al Horford-like defender to sic on Simmons while also slowing Joel Embiid, and the ultratalented Aussie remains an elite passer, a walking triple-double and a regular-season killer when transition is king and defenses aren’t as tight.

But Boston has, for the moment, cracked the code to the 21-year-old rookie, nike jerseys nfl cheap who has averaged just 12 points, 6.1 rebounds, 5.2 assists and 4.2 turnovers with sub-50 percent true shooting in nine games. While Mitchell is turning his former weaknesses into strengths, Simmons’ lack of a jump shot remains a problem, and as his scoring at the rim evaporated against Boston, his defensive motor and overall aggressiveness slowed — both of which we saw regularly at LSU.