Rookie Chase Edmonds plans to pay sister’s $80K in student loans

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Somewhere buried in one of his mom’s moving boxes in her Pennsylvania home, ready to be shipped to Arizona, sits one of Chase Edmonds’ school assignments from 12 years nfl jerseys cheap paypal

Moms like to keep everything their children write, but this was different. Edmonds, then 10, made two statements on that piece of paper: First, he wanted to make it to the NFL and, second, he wanted to pay off his sister’s student loans.

He accomplished the first when the Arizona Cardinals took him in the fourth round.

The second will be coming soon.7

To this day, Chase’s mom, Alison Edmonds, is impressed that her son came up with the idea to repay his sister’s loans on his own. She doesn’t know where exactly the notion came from, but she thinks conversations around the dinner table about his sister, Morgan Howell, looking at colleges planted the seed. Morgan was 16 at the time. Chase was 10. And he never forgot about it.

Fast-forward to Chase’s junior year at Fordham University, where he was playing running back on a full scholarship, two years ago. He still hadn’t forgotten about paying off Morgan’s debt. Out of the blue one day, Chase asked his mom how much Morgan had in student loans. Alison didn’t sugarcoat it: $80,000.

Morgan had gone to NC State for undergrad and then to Arizona State to get her master’s in counseling. She’s now living in Chandler, Arizona — about 10 minutes from the Cardinals’ practice facility — and is a therapist working with teens on mental health, anxiety, depression and eating disorders, among other issues. Every month, Morgan slowly pays back those loans with an installment between $360 and $380. The exact number is lost somewhere in auto pay.