Since he was cut a year ago, things have turned out well for Tony Romo

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Last week, Romo was nominated for an Emmy in the category of outstanding sports personality/analyst.

The Cowboys’ decision to release Romo was not a surprise. Given his salary-cap cost and Dak Prescott’s record-setting rookie season,nfl jerseys cheap china  there was no way Romo could return to the team in 2017. Had the Cowboys cut Romo in March 2017, however, maybe he would not have gone straight to the television booth.

Had the move come in March, Romo could have kept playing. The most likely of destinations was Houston. But the Cowboys kept waiting to make a move, and CBS kept making an impression on Romo, who made the decision to move to a job in which he could grow old.

Romo is different than other TV analysts. He doesn’t only describe what just happened. He explains why it happened. He predicts plays every now and then and is able to correctly figure out end-of-game scenarios. He has had fun with it, too, grunting, giggling and even breaking down the change of direction skills of a cat that wandered onto the field.

It was like 2006 all over again, when Romo became the Cowboys’ quarterback. There was another turn of Romo mania. He wasn’t always perfect in what turned out to be Bill Parcells’ final season as coach, but Romo was must-see as he jump-started a team that made the playoffs. In the broadcast booth, he isn’t always perfect, either, with some believing he talks too much, but he is must-see.

In the aftermath of Romo’s release, there seemed to be an appreciation of what he did as the Cowboys’ starter for a decade. The Cowboys put No. 9 on all of their digital boards at The Star. The Omni hotel in downtown Dallas flashed the No. 9 on its fa?ade. The Dallas Mavericks paid tribute to Romo by signing him to a contact. He went through a day-in-the-life with the Mavs, sitting on the bench in uniform for a game.

The Cowboys showed their appreciation for Romo when he returned to call his first game at AT&T Stadium, putting “Thank You 9” on top of one of the end zone suites.authentic nfl jerseys Before kickoff, a piece summarizing Romo’s career was shown on the digital board, with Jason Witten narrating.