Stanton’s and Judge’s 2017 HRs, through the eyes of their teammates

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If every home run has a story, there hasn’t been much to say about New York’s most-discussed power couple through this season’s first two weeks. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have only six home runs between them, and Stanton has been hearing more boos than cheers in Yankee Stadium so far. But fear not, big-fly aficionados: Even though there’s consternation in Yankee Nation right now, it’s not a stretch to say those shots will come soon enough.

Last season, from the first to the 111th, each home run from Judge and Stanton redefined the idea of what it meant to be a power hitter in an era when even the smallest middle infielder has a shot at 25. These were no mere wall-scrapers, nor simply another way to put runs on the scoreboard. nfl Their hits were performance art, appointment viewing; vicious, awe-inspiring beauty encapsulated in the simple swing of a bat. The outrageous speed and distance and ease with which the pair deposited balls into outfield seats was an opportunity to celebrate and gawk at the extremes of the human body’s physical limits.

As the two moved into the season’s final months — and moved toward their historic unification in the heart of the Yankees’ lineup this year — each Judge and Stanton homer had special meaning, whether it was for the record books or simply one of those melt-your-face-off moments that will linger for years to come. Each at-bat was a must-watch event, if only for the possibilities one pitch could create.

Ask around a major league clubhouse and you’ll understand.

“You came to expect rockets off the bat,” says Justin Bour, Stanton’s former Marlins teammate.

“Every night it was almost like, ‘What will he do this time?'” says Greg Bird, Judge’s teammate with the Yankees.

“Giancarlo’s last at-bat in Miami, when he was going for 60, I saw Derek Jeter step out of the owner’s box to watch,” says Marlins third-base coach Fredi Gonzalez. “If Jeter’s coming out, you know that’s a big moment.”

There were 6,105 regular-season home runs hit last year,nfl jerseys cheap china¬† and chances are the ones from Judge and Stanton stand out. At least that was the consensus among players across the majors during spring training this year as they tried to wrap their minds around this generation’s equivalent of the Mickey Mantle-Roger Maris combination inhabiting the Bronx.

Time and again, the sheer impressiveness of their work elicits one word: “Awesome,” says Max Scherzer, last season’s NL Cy Young winner who — like the rest of us — first saw the two together at the Home Run Derby in Miami. “And now they’re in the same lineup.”