‘That’s a fine!’ Bengals have fun holding each other accountable

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When Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert addressed a crowd of reporters in the locker room during OTAs, he already knew what was coming.

“That’s a fine!” Yelled teammate C.J. Uzomah, who happened to be walking by.

In the Bengals’ tight ends room, one could essentially be fined for anything, and Uzomah is quick to notice when someone breaks the rules. When rookie tight end Drew Sample stood in the middle of the locker room, doing a television interview, Uzomah counted cameras and doled out a fine.

It’s unclear just how many fines exist because Uzomah and Eifert denied a request by ESPN to look at the list. But it’s safe to say the list is long, and probably not entirely suitable for general audiences.

“It’s a $1,000 fine if you talk about the list of fines,” Uzomah said.6

Some fines are absurd, such as fining someone for writing with a weird pen or wearing Bengals-issued gear outside of the locker room. Others follow the attention-seeking rule: Anyone who gets caught throwing up their hands in disgust after the quarterback fails to get them the ball is probably getting fined.cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale

Drawing attention to yourself seems to be the main fine — whether that means doing an interview on camera that day (the more cameras around, the bigger the fine) or posting an attention-seeking photo on Instagram.

And rookies seem to get the short end of the stick. Uzomah explained that veterans can use discretion to add fines that aren’t written down.

Even Uzomah admitted he has quite a few fines coming his way. Uzomah posted several Instagram videos of himself singing karaoke in his car and polled readers on the song choice — undoubtedly a fine for being an attention seeker.

“Have you seen C.J.’s carpool karaoke?” Eifert asked. “It’s a good thing he makes all this money now, because he’s getting fined every time he does that.”

While the fine system started out strong last year, it didn’t last. When most of the tight end group started getting hurt, the team had to sign new players just to have bodies at the position. It wasn’t much fun to dole out a fine to a relative stranger.