Ty Lawson says his comeback story is just beginning

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The Washington Wizards point guard is also sure of why NBA general managers and coaches were keeping their distance.

“Everybody says I have a problem with drinking alcohol,” Lawson said. “I don’t really have a drinking problem. I don’t drink that much, to be honest. Only when I go out with friends [on occasion] … to clarify that, I don’t think I am an alcoholic at all. I am not.” from china

Lawson is a man with a lot to prove these days, and his NBA comeback is underway. Just weeks removed from spending this past season in the Chinese Basketball Association, Lawson is playing a key role in the Wizards’ first-round series against the Toronto Raptors, as Washington heads into a must-win Game 6 on Friday night.

Lawson wants to help the Wizards advance to the next round and, in the process, remind the NBA this is where he belongs and prove he can steer clear of any more alcohol-related trouble.

“I think it’s the comeback of Ty Lawson,” Lawson said last week as he talked about his career and his long road back to the NBA in a sit-down with ESPN.

Barely able to keep his eyelids open, Lawson felt like he was sleepwalking through his first practice with the Wizards two weeks ago, which was perfectly understandable considering just how far the point guard had come to return to the NBA.5

Less than 48 hours earlier, Lawson was still feeling the sting of losing in the first-ever Game 7 in Chinese Basketball Association playoff history. Hours after finishing with 14 points and six assists for Shandong in a 105-95 semifinal loss to Zhejiang Guangsha, Lawson found out the Wizards were ready to sign him for the NBA’s postseason.

“Everybody was like, ‘Oh he has a problem,'” Lawson said. “I have heard that. I don’t know, actually, what people think about me in other locker rooms. Because, I mean, maybe [they think] I am a problem around the team. I’m not. I am probably one of the chillest guys ever.”

Lawson, now 30, said some of the issues he had stemmed from the company he kept. nfl jerseys cheap china He insists he doesn’t have a drinking problem or addiction and that he has learned his lesson when it comes to drinking and driving.

“I won’t drink and drive! Take an Uber, that’s it,” Lawson said. “You can even notice little stuff, like I’m in Sacramento, and everybody is going out, and [people] are looking at me like, ‘Is Ty getting a drink?’ I am like, yo, it is not that serious. Like, y’all relax. I am not going to drink this [and] go drink the whole bar down.”