‘We got some true talent in the starting lineup’: Philly’s five reasons to believe

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When the Philadelphia 76ers went all-in on this season not once, but twice — first by trading for Jimmy Butler, then for Tobias Harris — it was because they saw a window to compete for a championship right now.

It was a decision fraught with risk. Philadelphia gave up a lot to trade for both players. And with both of them headed for unrestricted free agency this summer, those deals could wind up being a pair of extremely expensive seasonal rentals. Then there’s the fact that it’s hard to work in one star-level player in the middle of an NBA season — let alone two of them.

Still, the Sixers have always argued it was worth the risk. Why? Because in the NBA, talent generally wins out. And after making those moves, Philadelphia could credibly argue that it can roll out a five-man lineup of Ben Simmons, JJ Redick, Butler, Harris and Joel Embiid that is as good as any quintet in the NBA today.

On Wednesday night, they combined for 110 points in Philadelphia’s 118-115 victory over the Boston Celtics, showing just how good they can be.cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale

“We got some true talent in the starting lineup,” Butler said. “I think, when you look down the line, we have a group of guys that can do something special if we’re out there on the same page, we’re all playing hard and we’re all competing.”7

Wednesday marked the eighth time since acquiring Harris that the Sixers had all five of their starters available to play together. In those games, Philadelphia is now 7-1 — with its lone loss coming before the All-Star break to the same Celtics team it beat Wednesday night.

Across 135 minutes, Philadelphia has outscored its opponents with its starters on the court by 63 points. On a per-possession basis, they are outscoring opponents by almost 19 points per 100 possessions.

“We’re starting to play better, especially with this new group,” Embiid said. “We still got a long way to go, but I’m excited.”

There was plenty for Philadelphia to be excited about from this game. The Sixers finally exorcised their demons against the Celtics, to whom they already had lost three times this season — and had lost 10 of their past 12 games against, dating back to last season. china nike

Sixers coach Brett Brown had said after Boston beat Philadelphia for a third straight time last month that he wasn’t worried about the psyche of his team being impacted by previous losses to the Celtics. But he admitted before Wednesday’s game that a win would be “important.”