Who will rule Game 5? It’s October’s ultimate feel-good story vs. MLB’s most dominant ace

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Ursula is happy about the Rays. She is Australian and drives for Uber. Her Wednesday morning was a busy one, as visiting baseball fans headed for the airport in Tampa to catch flights back to Houston. Many of them wore orange Astros T-shirts and were unhappy, but they think everything will be fine at home.

Ursula hopes for the best in Game 5, but one way or another, she sees the two glorious days at Tropicana Field as bittersweet. She lives on the Tampa side of the bay, and people there were excited that the Rays planned to construct a new ballpark in Ybor City. Then they were crestfallen when Rays owner Stuart Sternberg declared those plans dead last December at the winter meetings in Las Vegas.nfl nike jerseys cheap china

Many Rays fans, Ursula feels, have simply given up. To them, the Rays are as good as gone — probably to Montreal. Still, it was fun to see the ballpark full. It was a glimpse of what could have been. What Ursula apparently did not know was that Jane Castor, the mayor of Tampa, had taken the opportunity presented by the Rays’ stirring success to extend an olive branch to Sternberg and his partners.8

“I really feel like we should probably maybe just start over again,” Castor told the Tampa Bay Times. “Everybody just come back to the table and start over again. Finding out what the Rays want and need, and then which community can best fulfill those needs.”

The Times also reported that the city of St. Petersburg won’t stand in the way if the Rays want to reopen talks with Hillsborough County. All of this is very sudden.new nike nfl jerseys for sale cheap

When I landed in Tampa for Game 3, with the powerful Astros holding a 2-0 American League Division Series lead and future Hall of Famer Zack Greinke lined up to finish the series, it figured to be a short trip. Houston had bigger fish to fry, so to speak, and with the Yankees handling their business against the Minnesota Twins, the Astros needed to wrap things up and get their pitching staff aligned for the brutal New York lineup. Two days later, the landscape of this ALDS matchup has fundamentally shifted.

“We made it this far,” acrobatic Tampa Bay center fielder Kevin Kiermaier said. “It’s pretty safe to say, but we’re not content with this. We want to win one more and keep this thing going. We plan on doing just that.”

At the airport, a smiling TSA agent is seated at her podium, which has two places to stand. She has taped two pieces of paper onto it. One says “Rays,” and one says “Astros.” This is the kind of thing you see in a community abuzz about a sports team. The bandwagon is rolling, and everybody is jumping on.

But there is a mighty big speed bump lying in front of it: a big, right-handed fireballer named Gerrit Cole.