Why Cardinals rookie Josh Rosen is always up for a good debate

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It doesn’t matter the topic, the Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback has an opinion on it. Politics. Religion. Sports. Any of it. All of it.

While attending UCLA, Rosen, nfl jerseys cheap china an economics major, lived with two political-science majors who were good friends with former Bruins center Scott Quessenberry. As a result, Quessenberry spent a lot of time studying at their house.

Quessenberry and his friends would often start debates while sitting in the living room. Rosen, who would be in his room, was known to come out and join in. And it didn’t take long for lines to be drawn. Sometimes it was fair, two versus two. Sometimes it wasn’t, with Rosen taking on all three by himself.77

“Especially during the election season, my roommates, we would all get into it,” Rosen said. “It would get really, really heated, but it would never pass that point. It was always a lot of fun. I love debating, whether it be about anything, but I think it’s healthy. It’s like a lot to do with how to navigate life and whatnot.”

Rosen’s intensity is part of what endeared him to his teammates at UCLA. His personality and outspoken nature became a topic of conversation in the lead-up to the NFL draft. But those who spent the most time with him in college described him as a “great person to be around,” “laid back” and the “ultimate competitor.”

“All that matters is winning and being the best that we can and making our team the best that they can be,” Quessenberry said. “Off the field, he’s a really good dude. He’s always there. If somebody needs to talk to him, he’s willing to listen. nfl jerseys wholesale He always wanted to hang out with his teammates. Really, like a class act really is how I would describe him.”

Kolton Miller, the former Bruins left tackle and a first-round pick in the draft, has seen Rosen’s evolution as a person and player firsthand. He was on campus as a redshirt freshman when Rosen arrived in 2015.

Sure, Rosen came in “a little cocky,” Miller said. But Rosen matured since his freshman-year antics into the Bruins’ hardest worker.