Why Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has earned a big payday

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The Dallas Cowboys have made it clear Dak Prescott is their franchise quarterback.

By the time they open training camp in July in Oxnard, California, a few days before Prescott turns 26, the Cowboys hope to have a long-term extension with their QB that sets franchise records, including the highest per-year average salary as well as the most in guaranteed money.

Prescott’s list of accomplishments in his first three seasons includes a 32-16 record — only New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has won more games since 2016 — and two trips to the playoffs.nfl nike jerseys cheap china

New Cowboys quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna, a 14-year NFL veteran, has pored over the Cowboys’ 2018 games, and he said it was “rare to find on tape where [Prescott] went to the wrong place with the football,” in the second half of the season.

“When his feet and shoulders are in the right spot, he can throw it through a Froot Loop,” Kitna said.8

The Cowboys’ preferred style of play will not lend itself to Prescott putting up huge numbers in 2019. He has not had a 4,000-yard season, but he has 14 fourth-quarter comebacks — an NFL record in a quarterback’s first three seasons.

“I don’t think we’re looking for a jump,” Kitna said. “The guy’s pretty good. I think the expectations are really high outside this building, but fortunately — and I say this all the time — they’re not higher than his own. So I don’t know that there’s some kind of jump. I mean the guy has done pretty well in three years and played really well and been in some really adverse situations and hasn’t flinched.”nike

Prescott’s last pass of Cowboys’ minicamp was a third-down slant to wide receiver Randall Cobb on what ultimately would have helped the offense kill the clock in a late-game situation.

The originally called play was for a screen, anticipating pressure, but as the Cowboys quarterback looked at the defense, he changed to the slants on the strong side for tight end Jason Witten and Cobb, who beat cornerback Anthony Brown inside at the snap for an easy completion.

For Prescott, it spoke to the growth in his game that he traces back to the middle of last season when things finally slowed down for him.

“It just started becoming way more clear visually,” Prescott said. “It’s not seeing and thinking but seeing and knowing.”