Why the Dodgers are good enough to justify their boring offseason

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At some point, you just have to get over it. Many or maybe all of us have survived a “threshold” moment. In a literal life-or-death situation, authentic nike nfl jersey it’s called the quietus — that moment when the living ceases to exist in this realm and moves on to whatever comes next.

Every team in every baseball postseason series goes through a moment of quietus, when the raised fist of an umpire tells everyone that the last out has been made. Game over. Series complete. It’s one of the uniquely great things about a clockless sport like baseball, where the most optimistic among us can keep hope alive for our team, until we can’t.

“We’ve been in the process of turning the page,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said on Opening Day. “A lot of good things happened last year. Now, as 2018 starts, I know our guys are really looking forward to this day.”

The quietus struck the 2017 Dodgers on the first night of November, when Corey Seager grounded out to kick off the Astros’ celebratory melee at Dodger Stadium. That ended what had been a glorious seven-month quest for the Dodgers, marked by 104 regular-season wins and the club’s first pennant since 1988.

The quest ended one step shy of Valhalla. Their pennant drought had ended, which we were reminded of again on Saturday when the Dodgers held a ring ceremony to commemorate their National League championship. But their title drought extended yet another year, reaching 29 seasons. An entire generation of Dodgers fans has grown up without knowing what it’s like to win it all.

“In the industry, the media and the fans, until you start the new season there is going to be talk [of last year],” Roberts said. “That’s just kind of the way it goes. nfl authentic jerseys nike Certainly it’s in our minds. No doubt. It’s always going to be in our minds. But I think our guys are doing a very good job of understanding that we can’t change it and looking forward.”

This season marks the 30th since the Dodgers last won, and the 60th year since the franchise picked up and moved from Brooklyn to L.A. During their first three decades out west, the Dodgers won five World Series. If the Dodgers don’t win it this season, their title drought will have extended to half the time the team has played in California.